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Enter the sweaty, seedy, sensual wrestling underworld of W4H MAX, where powerful, highly sexual muscle men pose off and lock up in leather, lycra, and minuscule thongs that emphasize manly, bulging packages and tight ass cheeks that bounce and flex in combative glory. Closeup, long-held, lascivious camera shots linger on exposed muscles and strained faces as these bronze gods fight like lustful beasts in heat. W4H MAX is the dark, dirty, twisted twin of Wrestler4Hire, featuring sexy oil matches, handsome faces buried deep in sweaty bulges, bare feet used as instruments of torture, aggressive grappling, and writhing wrestlers getting stripped, humped, and humiliated in salacious scraps and cock-bulging battles. W4H MAX gives you more nasty trash talk, skin, risqué rolling, moaning, humping, hair pulling, bulges, ass, feet, and erotic fury!


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  • Blake Starr vs. Scrappy Added: 01-01-2019

    Blake has really been hitting the gym and the improvements t [more]

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